Concurrent Engineering Session on May 17th, 2014

We were faced with a rather large amount of work this weekend: The Concurrent Engineering Session. So far our subteams have been doing great work, however that work was only done in their own groups. We have a large number of interfaces, especially between our structure and the electronics hardware which had to be discussed and defined.

2014-05-17 10.37.20

Starting at 10 AM on Saturday (or 10:30 for some late sleepers!) we met up in the library of the Math/IT faculty. Unfortunately our own faculty is not accessible on weekends, therefore we had to find an alternative. The first 2 hours were mainly spent on subteam preparation for the general discussion. Since I am responsible for systems engineering, I spent this time expanding my list of interfaces.

Artur came up with the great idea of ordering Pizza for lunch, which proved to be a well-earned respite once it arrived.

Now the real work began: Starting with the structure-electronics interfaces we began going over cable routing, positioning of sensors and the layout of our “ERIS” electronics box. Meanwhile Artur and Karl were busy selecting pins and looking at our general port set-up on the interface board and in the software.

2014-05-17 14.15.46Bild1After 6 hours, stuffed into a library room without air-conditioning, we were finally finished (Which was a lot faster than I had anticipated). All our interfaces, including the ones with the REXUS rocket, have been defined and will be implemented in the near future! The last thing we did on Saturday was select the candidates that will present our results in front of the board for CDR in Oberpfaffenhofen. Good luck to you guys!


Ingo Mayer