It’s Launchweek!

Hi Everyone!

It’s launchweek! 8 of our team members have managed to get aboard to having the best time of this project at Esrange Space Center near Kiruna! So let’s give you a short report on what has happened so far!


We got to Kiruna sunday evening after having a break in Stockholm between our flights. As it turned out, we had great “Aurora levels” the first night, so there was no other choice than going for a hike to experience it first hand (and don’t wait for it to turn green, you can only really see the colour on long exposures!


Anyway, monday morning meeting involved a short bad cop talk about what and what not to do at Esrange Space Center. Upcoming on schedule: Experiment preparation for all the REXUS 17/18 teams half a mile down the road, which involved everyone checking their boxes and experiment modules for damage (ours was fine, yay!).


Next up, we had to swap out our electronics boardstack. After we’ve had some problems on the 5V bus, which we pinpointed down to broken soldering on a difficult connector, the decision was clear to exchange the entire board as soon as we got hold of the experiment again.


The mechanism also had a design update. All the spring connections were now made using screws that are pushing directly on the spring ends and make a solid connection now. First tests were successful. Few adjustments in the activation time had to be made as the resistance had gone down now.


Anyway. Enough said! Everything works and is now waiting for the final benchtest with all the experiment modules mounted together! Next up: Motor mounting!