Weekly Report # 12: Redesign

We are proud to tell you that the first parts of SMARD are manufactured! We are making good progress. A lot of our parts that needs to be built are now reality. It is amazing to see CAD drawings became a real part.

In this picture you can see the built parts:


As you can see the structure team needs to redesign the mechanism. Therefore we had a TRIZ-session. TRIZ is the theory of inventive problem solving. With this method we want to find some new solutions for some of our design problems. After this session we discussed the solutions which we found. Here you can see our secret notes:

nbghkghWe decided to go back to our original idea:

gzhrtThe problem is the small size of the Cubesat. It is not so easy to findĀ  design ideas, which fit to our requirements for our needs to be smaller than 6 mm in height. In the following week we are going to work on the redesign.