Weekly Report #13: Progress

This issue of the Weekly Report is all about the software, again. The last month we were very busy with the first half of our exam phase, but now we have a little pause, a little pause we can use to catch up working on the software.

Our first site, that needed some improvements, was the Timeline. We implemented a first version of the Timeline and defined that we need the SOE signal (we have three signals, SOE, SODS and LO, to trigger our experiment) to start the recording of the camera, because it needs to start before the Timeline.

Today we had a very intensive session with Alexander Schmitt, a former member of CERESS. We started to talk about the SSI Protocol of the magnet sensor and ended up in finding a bug in the data acquisition loop of the accelerometers, it cost only eleven hours and some coffee to find it.

Also we found a bug in the parsing file and now we can present you an example of a plot of an accelerometer:

SRM -  Acc0Acceleration X-AxisThe next step of the software is to prepare it for the IPR (Integration Progress Review). We want to show a functional software, with which we can transmit data to the ground station, so we have to work on the Telemetry. Additionally, we have to update our SED again, so we will be busy in the next few weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this Weekly Report and stay tuned for the next Weekly Reports, because maybe next time we can present you the very first pictures of the integration process.