Weekly Report #14: Production

Finally, all the planning we are getting our first production parts from the workshops!

Over the last three weeks, they have been trickling into our office in a few batches and now the essential parts are completed! The experiment frame, the solar panel, the hinges and last but not least, also our REXUS bulkhead!


Last month we were still wondering if the tiny parts seen in our CAD programs would even be machineable, and today we can actually hold them in our hands (especially the tiny hinges)!

In one of the last weekly reports you could read that we have gone back to an older iteration of the hold down release mechanism. The design of this one is now completed and you can see it in a short video below. Now, after I wanted to send the CAD drawings to be machined, I got an email saying, that the workshop will be booked out until at least mid October and we won’t get anything done. Thankfully however, our team member Tommy has done quite a good job in getting to know the guys at the workshop, so a day later they called me and said that they had squeezed our part in between everything else and it’s ready to be picked up! Awesome.

We also have gotten a new set of shorter shape memory springs from INGPULS and a free set of mechanical springs (thanks to federnshop.com!), so currently the only thing left to be done needs to be done for the HDRM is a 3D laser print of the HDRM housing!


Alright, keep the fingers crossed that our last parts won’t be delayed!



IMG_4288 IMG_20140814_150006 IMG_20140814_184633 IMG_20140814_184653