Weekly Report #16: Telemetry

Six days are left until the IPR – our next review. All team members are working on bringing the experiment to the state expected by the reviewing experts who will visit us at the TUM next Wednesday.  For the software this means lots and lots of testing.

Bild 1The software is mostly finished; currently the main focus is the space segment – ground station interface and final tweaking of our magnetic sensor. The data storage has been fully tested, including the file parser.
Our space segment stores all data in a binary file, which means that in order to read the information it has to be converted to a readable format.
The Telemetry works in a similar fashion: The binary data frame (which is slightly different from the data frame stored on the SD card because it includes a report ID and sync) is converted to U8 slices and transferred as string via the RS485/RS422 interface to the ground station. Upon correct sync detection, the ground station checks the data frame for errors via checksum and then decodes the transmitted data into a readable file format.

Bild 2The picture above displays an example graph taken from one of our accelerometers during testing – stored on the SD card and then converted. The file parser creates a graph for each sensor in addition to a text file with the specific values.