Weekly Report #18: PSIB’s

Finally we (the electronics team) could finish the design stage of our project. Below you can see the result of our work. May I introduce to you PSIB 2:

psib2PSIB 2 (and 1) “ Power-Sensor-Interface-Board” are intended to interface all our sensors, provide appropriate power supply, activate our mechanism to open the solar panel and ensure communication to the REXUS service module. On the 3D Model above you can see connections to the REXUS service module and temperature sensors. The bulky grey parts represent some voltage- regulating and protecting components. The white part in the top right corner is the connector (so-called RMC) to the processor board which is a sbRIO by National Instruments. The PSIB 2 also connects to PSIB 1 which will be placed underneath.

psib1PSIB 1 holds a switching regulator to provide high current power for the activation of our SMA spring. The system is capable of converting the REXUS system voltage of 28 V down to 1 V. In our current setup we only will inject approx. 3 A of a 20 A maximum into our SMA spring. The rest of the circuitry is to control a camera (GoPro Hero 3) and measure the environment of the SMA activation (current, voltage and power supply).

These two neat Printed Circuit Boads (PCBs) will replace our (extremely well functioning) experiment prototype build-up:


Now it is time for the PCB manufacturer to produce our two PSIBs so we can finally start testing an completely assemble our experiment.

See you next week with a weekly report by the software team …

Karl Dietmann