Weekly Report #19: IPR

After a delay due to a Lufthansa Strike a few weeks earlier our IPR had to be postponed. But eventually on the morning of September 30th Simon and Dieter flew in from Bremen for the review.

We started off by giving a short presentation of our current progress giving details about some adaptions we had to make to the structure in order to make it a little sturdier after an FEM analysis had showed some critical movements. And we were also able to show the current status on our software, electronics and management and outreach.

1After the presentation we discussed all our sketches and drawings for the structure and electronics, keeping the discussion of the software codes for the afternoon. We were able to ask questions and discuss some thoughts we had for example about surface protection of the experiment frame or the utilization of helicoils. The expert-opinion of Dieter and Simon were very helpful for these issues.

When lunchtime came round we had “Currywurst mit Pommes” and were able to get some new energy for the afternoon session.

In the afternoon, we went to our student laboratory to show them our manufactured parts and the running software.

2All in all, we have passed the IPR and can now continue on building and testing the final version of our Experiment. The next stop is the EAR (Experiment Acceptance Review). So stay tuned, because the next weeks will be pretty exciting.