Weekly Report #2: Structure

“Make it look nice and spacey!”


A lot has happened with the structural design of our experiment. As you know since the latest weekly, our next goal is the Critical Design Review in June. After this important deadline, all progress concerning our experiment structure will be frozen and all CAD drawings have to be handed over to the workshop, so all our parts can be machined.

OverviewMany suggestions from the Preliminary Design Review in March have given us a better understanding on how our design should be improved. „Make it nice and spacey“, was one of the review boards comments. In space, every single peace of hardware is designed for its very own purpose. Every part has to be carefully designed. After all, the design and look of our experiment could be the ticket for our future career!

“No more off the shelf”

What does that mean for us? No more satellite side mockups, no more readily produced, pre cut structure beams. No „laboratory experiment“ look-alike. Instead, we are going to mount one full side structure of the MOVE 2 satellite into the REXUS module, which will be held by support structures minimized in size.
Next we are looking into how to best mount the National Instrument sbrio boards, the camera and additional electronics. Then, we will have to improve the Hold Down Release Mechanism design to fit into the side-rail of MOVE 2. Since we are able to take up more space lengthwise, we are considering going from our old „spring inside a spring“ design over to a longer version of the HDRM, in which the two springs can take up more room and therefore will be more precise to manufacture (which is generally a problem with shape memory springs).


That’s for the week, we’ll keep you updated!

-Philipp Ludewig