Weekly Report #20: Downsizing

This weekly is a small update on our structure!

A bit has happened in the last weeks. Number one is, that our sponsor INGPULS has managed to reduce the size of the shape memory springs significantly, which let us cut down the mechanism size significantly! So let’s have a walk down memory lane:




Also we were told to improve the design of our experiment brain „ERIS“, so we did. Now, everything is much stiffer, much spacier and will have a laugh at the rocket vibrations.

Besides that, we are close to finishing off the last frame parts (especially the solar panel) to get the stuff ready for testing in November.

Another thing that came up in our IPR was, that there might not be enough time after the regular shaker test in january to fix anything that is wrong with the mechanism. So we were offered by ZARM to have some early „shaking“ of the mechanisms we have got so far and see if they can put up with the vibrations. Therefore we are now finishing off the designs, 3D print the last housings, get the aluminum parts manufactured and then send them off to the stress test!

That’s it for now, see you next week!

ERIS Snapshot