Weekly Report #23: Testing (Software)

Hey guys,

Let’s have a quick look at SMARD’s software before the Christmas break starts. What has been done since the last report? Quite a lot, I’d say! In essence the software has been fully functional since the start of December.
The thermal-vacuum chamber test was also one of two verification tests for the software. Since (almost) everything functioned perfectly during the test, we were quite happy with our work.


Like every deadline the Integration Week meant a lot of work – especially for our Ground Station expert Alex.

One other interesting part of our preparation for the Integration Week was Error Testing. Sounds fun, but believe me – it’s quite nerve-racking when your system is on the line. That aside, being creative with errors is very entertaining!
(Sorry Koen but we decided not to test the “throw it out of the window and see if it still works” method).

The integration week was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for the whole team. We received constant status updates from Artur, who was representing the software in Bremen. Receiving a message that a huge part of the system is not working and finding out it was a sensor error a few minutes later can be quite a shock. Luckily the software again functioned almost perfectly – we found one error that can easily be fixed. I would have been a bit suspicious if nothing went wrong.

What’s next for the software? After the Christmas break the order of actions is removing the errors and glitches we found and then improving the Ground Station UI. After that some more testing and hopefully a successful launch in March. It has been a great run and I am confident it will lead to the expected result!

So long and merry Christmas to all of our readers.