Weekly Report #4: Software

This Weekly Report is all about software. At the moment we are working on three major sites: The storage of the data, the SPI configuration and the adaption of the melting wires to our HDRM.

The days are fleeing and we are counting the weeks instead of the months before the CDR, which takes place in Oberpfaffenhofen from the 21st to the 23rd June. As we go along, our LabVIEW skills are getting better and better. We are getting more familiar with the software by CERESS and the adaption of the FPGA is nearly done. Unfortunately, the workload is very high, so we have to work at home on the weekends.

2014-05-11 19.09.13

Again, we want to thank CERESS and especially Alexander Schmitt for their excellent support. Thank you, guys!

Our laboratory got ramped up. Since the institute got some new PCs, we had the chance to acquire some old PCs and screens for our Ground Station. Now we have four big screens to picture the telemetry of our experiment during the flight in Kiruna.

2014-05-13 17.11.35

Stay tuned for the next updates. It’s getting more exciting, since the SED for the CDR has to be issued in early June!

Artur Koop