Weekly Report #7: Road to CDR!

This weekly report is all about the way to the Critical Design Review (CDR)! Within this review the whole design will be proven. Therefore the CAD design must be completely finished, because after the CDR, the design is frozen so that the experiment can be built and verified. It is required to cover every detail of the experiment in a new version of Student Experiment Documentation (SED) including all detailed drawings/schematics for mechanics, software and electronics. The call is two weeks before the CDR.  So we have a lot of work to do!

So every team member of SMARD spends each free minute to work on the CAD design, electronic design or software as well as writing the documentation for their part. If a question or a problem occurs we often use Hangout/Skype to speak with each other.  This picture from the structure team shows one typical workplace of SMARD.

asdfsdTo be ready on time we had an internal deadline at the end of may as well as an internal CDR presentation before we are going to present our design to members of the institute of astronautics from our university.


At the 8th of June we will send our SED to DLR and ZARM and at the 24th of June we will have our CDR at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich.


If we are not going to pass our CDR we will not be on the REXUS rocket. That is why we are working hard at the moment and we need all time that we could get to pass our CDR therefore we will make a pause with the weekly reports. After the CDR SMARD will support you again with it!

Maria Grulich