Weekly Report #9: Structure

Prototyping, prototyping…

It’s been two weeks since our CDR and it’s time to push things to production! Before CDR we had already arranged to get a time slot in one of the workshops for machining all our experiment parts. Before that could happen, we had to perform another FE Computer Analysis upon the CDR boards opinion.
What does that mean? Basically we have to make sure that two things don’t happen. First of all, our structure should not break or deform upon the launch acceleration. Second, we don’t want our structure to have any Eigen-frequencies that match any of the rockets own frequencies, which could end in a disaster for our experiment.
Now, our team member Johannes has taken on the chore of doing an improved simulation and the results look good. However, there are still a few unknown parameters, which only the shaker test can verify. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

IMG-20140704-WA0004What else has happened? We have built another few prototypes! Our team member Thomas is currently working at a company, that does incredibly detailed laser 3D prints, so he was up for quickly making a model for testing three different pressure pins (remember, we are going to be using those in the hold down release mechanism). The result is, that we are going to take an M4 pressure pin, which showed the best results in terms of holding force.

Now, at CDR, I wanted to have a model of our electronic box ERIS ready to show, so I got onto that task, which you can see in the following pictures.

That’s it for the week and as always: have fun!